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Tyler Jarosz is a talented machinist with over 10 years experience manufacturing for companies in the motorsports, laser/optics, bicycle, medical, research, and many other precision industries. The Twenty6 name and reputation were built on his ability to manufacture parts efficiently, quickly, with excellent precision and surface finish, and at a competitive price. He is always happy to take on new clients, for large production runs or small prototyping jobs, and anything in between.

Type II Chromatic Anodizing
We specialize in small-quantity batch runs of Type II Chromatic anodizing. We offer the standard black and clear as well as any color in our product palette. A friendlier, more convenient alternative to monolithic large-batch coating companies, with super fast turn-around.

Laser Engraving
With a precision Epiliog CO2 laser, we can inscribe logos, artwork, serial numbers, or whatever you require onto a variety of materials including anodized aluminum, wood, glass, stone, and plastic. Our laser also does vector cutting of thin materials such as paper, wood, and plastic.

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